Tuesday, 22 March 2016

There and back again

The days are getting longer, but my time here is growing shorter and shorter. I am starting to worry about my return to Belgium. I am not all that happy about it, in fact. I might be going home, but I am also leaving a home behind.

I think only keeping up to date about Belgium through newspapers has painted the bleakest picture possible of the country in my head. However, I did find things here that I was really missing back in Belgium and I am not at all looking forward to parting with them again. No, I am not just referring to semlor; I am talking about a more caring and social society where there is time and space to raise children, where culture still seems to be considered valuable, where drinking water is offered for free in public places, where nature and urban life can coexist and where coffee refills are often free of charge.

There are some things I can take with me. For example, my newly found self confidence, a portion of love for own person, some self reliance, tons of inspiration, some networking skills and a more kaleidoscopic view on life, which, all combined together make for a rather different Cathy than the one who left Belgium this winter. And that has got me worrying. How will "new me" fit in in the old setting? Or will I fall back into before-Sweden mode once I hit Belgian ground?

Whatever will be, will be, I guess. For now I am going to enjoy my Swedish home and Swedish self (or Cathy-Pippi, as one of my friends says) as much as possible for as long as I still can.

Vi ses


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