Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Up and down

This experience might be wonderful, but Erasmus life does get lonely from time to time. Faces on the bus are never familiar and I can't order 'the usual' anywhere. I am left to my own device more than I am used to. It's not that I haven't met nice people here, on the contrary. There are plenty of people who will comfort me if I tell them I am not doing well. But sometimes you don't want to tell. You want people around who have known you for so long that they notice how you feel without a word being spoken.

Those people are far away now though, and keeping in touch is not as easy when you have to rely on modes of communication that previously barely had a place in your friendship. In fact, the people who screamed the loudest that they were going to skype with me all the time, are the ones I have heard the least of.

On the other hand I have gotten support out of unexpected corners. And if I need to be lonely or miserable once in a while, then Stockholm is a good place to be so. There is always some beautiful scenery (or a shoe shop) just around the corner. Stockholm is the kind of city that, right when you have had enough, will land a snowflake on the top of your nose. Besides, as walking through Södermalm's hilly streets has taught me: the ups and the downs - they belong together.

Vi ses


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